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Misters from Sisters

Misters from Sisters


About the Work

The name of this piece plays on a few personal sentiments. I found these VERY old English riding boots at a little antique shop near Sisters, Oregon when Robyn and I drove up to Bend in August 2020. They are proper old. Despite being my size and the extensive oiling I endeavored to bring them back to life, they are so snugly cut and fit that I fear an attempted wear could blow out the forefoot. Nonetheless, I knew I'd paint them the second I laid eyes on them, just took the right idea to finally bring them to life. The blue speckled bandana is a tribute to my Mama, Susan. My original inspiration for all things western, I absconded the bandana from my mom in the early 1980s.

Dimensions & Details

18 x 24 inches | Oil on canvas

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