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Lady Thunderbird

Lady Thunderbird

About the Work

Robyn and I found these boots in a little antique shop in Bozeman, MT. I generally make excuses to buy ANY interesting boot that fits either Robyn or myself as a "I can use this in a painting [swipe credit card]". These lovely lady's boots did not fit Robyn, but they just felt right. I snagged them, and two weeks later, I was painting them. Several years ago, I came across a beautiful1940s sterling and turquoise Thunderbird cuff. I talked myself out of the expensive vintage piece, then a year later, called the shop (who still had it) and had them ship it to me. In Native American culture, the Thunderbird represents power, protection and strength. Within this painting, the curled accents of the wooden mantle and crisscrossing perpendicular shadows feel reminiscent of the tail feathers and outlined shape of my Thunderbird. The boots, while feminine and sexy, have lines and steel toes that exude both strength and power. Hence, "Lady Thunderbird".

Dimensions & Details

24 x 24 inches | Oil 34 x 34 framed
Original Painting | Oil on Canvas
Closed-corner olive and gold frame

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