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Grandad's Ford

Grandad's Ford


About the Work

I captured this beautiful old Ford F-100 two years ago on a crisp winter day off a dirt road along the south side of Bozeman, MT. Robyn and I road-tripped up in early COVID to visit my cousin Josh and his wife Laura. I returned to this truck three days in a row, shooting it in morning sun, noon light, and golden hour. This is the second truck I've painted from this location (although the last one was a Chevy). Sometimes, you develop ideas in your mind and need to then find a reference, while other times, you get lucky and stumble onto something perfect. This was a time I got lucky.

Additionally, this subject holds a bit of family legacy. My great-grandfather and his brother started four Ford dealerships in Florida in 1921. Years later, after traveling the world as an Air Force master mechanic in WWII, my grandfather returned home to help with this family business. He had planned for a life traveling the world in aviation, but family responsibility and an ailing father required he change course and step in. Like this beautiful old truck, life has taken it on many twists and turns - some planned, some not, but all part of the journey.

Dimensions & Details

24 x 48 inches | 28 x 52 framed
Original Painting | Oil on Canvas
Natural distressed float frame

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