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Cowboy Sundial

Cowboy Sundial


About the Work

The original of this piece sold in my July 2021 show in Santa Fé two hours after going on the wall. In the foyer of our home, the skylight casts shadows across the wall throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky. While pacing about ruminating ideas one Sunday afternoon [while walking up and down the foyer stairwell], a lightbulb went on. With the shadows literally shifting by the minute, I feverishly hammered a few nails into the wall and started playing around with my old 1940s bandana, lasso, and my favorite custom hat. Robyn played workshop helper as I stood back and shouted instructions "up an inch..... left..... left..... down.... PERFECT". I grabbed my reference shots and the painting was born. The name is self-evident and playful. As the sun moves across the sky, the shadow cast moves across the wall as if it were a "cowboy" sundial.

Between its composition and execution, this painting is actually one of my favorite pieces in recent memory. It is balanced in its use of light, space, and detail. The repetition of shapes between the hat and lasso play with symmetry, while the shadow adds a relaxed casualness to its geometry while also giving a sense of place. The simplicity of the wall and wash of the shadows allow the intense detail of the hat and lasso to breath, and provide a wonderful balance between fine detail and elegant simplicity that make the whole even better than the sum of its parts. The hat was truly a joy to work. Up close, you really feel like you could touch the texture of the beaver felt, the horse-hair band, and the feather tucked right into it (it almost justifies what I paid for the custom hat, haha).

Dimensions & Details

18 x 24 inches | Oil on Canvas
Available as a Giclee Limited Edition Print

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