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Along a Meridian

Along a Meridian


About the Work

These objects bridge distant adventures in my life across both geography and time. I found the blanket in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in 2013 while visiting my best friend Scott and Kim on their extended "baby moon". The saddle, on the other hand, came to me earlier this year on a trip to Montana (believe it or not, I fit this full-size saddle into a checked piece of luggage on the way home....yes, it was heavy). While these two adventures occurred thousands of miles apart north and south, they share a relative meridian of longitude were you to draw a line up a map. Hence, "Along the Meridian". The detailing in the rug was quite fun.

Dimensions & Details

24 x 24 inches | 30 x 30 inches framed
Original Painting | Oil on Canvas
Ornate detailed dark frame

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