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A Family Affair

A Family Affair


About the Work

I had a lot of fun with this painting. Continuing the themes of "Cowboy Sundial" and "Misters from Sisters", this piece is an eclectic combination of vintage shoes and boots, all dancing with shadows from the afternoon casting light. The panel they're hanging on is an old cabinet door Robyn and I scavenged in San Diego at a seaside antique shop. It was one of those "this has character....I know I'll use it" kinds of finds. Alas, a few months later, I turned it on its side, bolted on a few vintage coat hangers, hung it in the foyer, and the idea was born.

Dimensions & Details

24 x 38 inches | 32 x 42 framed
Original Painting | Oil on Canvas
Natural black with gold lip frame

This piece will be available for sale through Sage Creek Gallery - Santa Fe, NM

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